The 2019 Apollo Calendar features a history of the manned Apollo program for the 12 manned missions.

  • Through the use of unique QR-Codes (Quick Reference Codes) located throughout the calendar,


  • when scanned by a mobile App, over 28 plus videos can be launched which can be viewed giving facts and information about the various missions.

  • The videos are entertaining and educational and make the

calendar a valuable source of information.

  • Each month's high definition image is varnished making these calendar images suitable for framing.

  • It truly is a calendar worth having and sharing the history for one of man's greatest achievements


  • perfect gift for the Space program collector

  • This 11" X 17" Calendar offers a special enhancement to the viewer of the calendar.

  • When viewed with a smart mobile device such as a smart phone, iPad or Tablet with a scanning app the viewer can launch a video to their device which explains the Apollo mission in greater detail.

  • When buying this calendar you not only get a beautiful and colorful calendar, but you also get instant access to over 28 videos for the 12 Manned Apollo Missions.

  • Simply scan the QR-Image on the calendar to launch the video.  

  • The calendar is virtually a video history of the Apollo Program

  • limited quantities available

2019 Apollo Program Calendar

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